In a land that was once scattered with railroads weaving among the dense woodlands in a bygone era that was, at one point, the pulse of the Industrial Revolution has gone through many deaths and rebirths only to shed its skin and offer adventure to those who seek it.


The railroads have since been repurposed only to leave paths of a faint heartbeat of industrial history — paths that seemingly lead to nowhere — until 1986, when the land was reawakened and the paths reborn as the Virginia Creeper Trail (VCT).


The Virginia Creeper Trail is one of Abingdon’s most well-loved trails, as it offers adventure to those who seek it. Unwind and unplug with a weekend getaway surrounded by wise timber that whispers secrets of the industrial past, and find relaxation at White Birches Inn — a luxury bed and breakfast for those who prefer soft, crisp sheets and hot, morning coffee over a freezing tent and

minimal accommodations! Join us in today’s post as we navigate the awe and adventure of the Virginia Creeper Trail!

Virginia Creeper Trail: Abingdon’s Adventure Hub


If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, at times, you feel like you’ve seen it all. From picture-perfect sunrises to a Monet-esque sunsets and skies that are so clear with stars so vibrant that you know galaxies beyond are trying to communicate with you! It’s not that you’re not enamored and lacking awe of nature, but more yearning to find your next heartbeat. And this is where the Virginia Creeper Trail starts — it conjures your next heartbeat!


Virginia Creeper Trail For Traditionalists


If you seek adventure, but in a more traditional sense, the VCT will undoubtedly provide just that.




The VCT is 34.3 miles of trail winding through dense and lush Virginia grounds, so you’ll never run out of areas to explore. Meander above a gorge with white water rapids below and gaze upon trestles that expand over 500 feet. When you hike here, you’ll also get a glimpse of dotted history sewn into the forest with old, white-steeple churches and dwellings from the Industrial Revolution.




Grab your tribe and experience a 17-mile downhill leisurely bike ride where you can laugh and connect with those you haven’t seen in awhile, or get your ride-or-die partner and bike the entire 34 miles ending in Abingdon at retreat to White Birches Inn for rest and relaxation!




Have you yet to experience an east coast fall? The trees drip with reds, oranges, and yellows that will undoubtedly find your heartbeat. The scenery on the VCT is more than picturesque, but you can do your best to capture it in pictures to relive the moment for years to come.


Fly fishing


Both our work and home environments are stressful, which is why pausing and taking a moment for solitude nourishes and rejuvenates us. Fly fishing is the perfect VCT excursion, where emails and texts can go unanswered, and a digital detox happens effortlessly. Unplug and reconnect with nature.


Virginia Creeper Trail For the Non-Conformists


There is no taming your wild heart on the VCT, as there is plenty of adventure to stoke your unrestrained heartbeat. For adventure off the beaten path, explore the VCT in exhilarating ways.




The VCT offers thrilling climbing routes for boulderers and sport and trade climbers alike. Set and send projects on sandstone that is every climbers dream.




See the VCT in a whole new light as you raft the narrows and crush the whitewater tides. Foster adventure with a group of your friends. and work together to work the river. Wind down with a local brew at the end of the day.




Soar within the trees and nestle into Abingdon’s famous woodlands to get a view that most never experience — find adventure when you find freedom zipping through the trees.




Secret swimming holes are worth the trek in the woods of the VCT.  You often see movies with remote spots where everyone is relaxed and having a good time without a care in the world. Experience a swimming refuge with your squad, and escape a world of technology and digital connection. Opt for a deep and meaningful connection with those who bring life to your spirit.

The VCT has an adventure for everyone — traditionalist and non-conformist alike. Step out into the wild unknown and beckon your heartbeat.


Find refuge in your explorations with a bed and breakfast that is your adventure hub. Book with us today and be one step closer to your VCT experience.