Our bed and breakfast is an early 20th century English Country style home located in Abingdon’s historic district. Centrally air-conditioned with individually zoned guest rooms, this finely preserved home has been totally updated and renovated both inside and out.

Having sustained numerous additions over the years, we are confidently ushering our home into the twenty-first century while maintaining its structural integrity.

Make Yourself Comfortable At Our Luxury Bed and Breakfast

Though most of the furnishings are English or American antiques, there is a compelling mix of periods.

Many of the pieces are museum-worthy including an eighteenth-century Norwegian upholstered chair and a nineteenth-century Biedermeier secretary. If you are an art lover, share space with Picasso lithographs and Russian Iconistry. The collection spans centuries and countries of origin yet reflects a consistent refined aesthetic.


Real style is best when understated. We know it when we see it. When we walk into rooms that have it, there is a presence… or perhaps an intentional absence that satisfies us from within… It’s exactly what we expect from a bed and breakfast.